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...a Pirate's life for me

With anticipation, all 22 of us stepped on board the Queen Manta I. We were immediately shown through the galley on to our cabins. Looks like my bunk mates were going to be 3 Aussie guys and a couple of them turned out to be in my scuba group as well. Our cabin was tight and cozy, only room for one person standing unless we were all in our bunks but lets face it, most of our time was going to spent in the water not in our cabins. The Queen Manta was newly polished and cleaned for the start of the high season. As soon as we were all settled in we went up to the dining deck (where we spent most of our time when out of the water) for a briefing from Gonzo, the head of the SCUBA instructors. The first night on board we feasted like kings then got briefed by our instructor for the dive tomorrow morning. The four of us in my group would be doing the advanced open water course which required us to do a deep dive of 30 meters, peak buoyancy performance skills, a night dive, and a wreck dive. The next four days were spent eating and scuba diving. We would wake up and be in the water just as the sun was rising. Then end the day either with a night dive or resurfacing just as the sun was setting. The scenery was beyond gorgeous. The similan islands can be pictured as crystal clear turquoise waters, visibility was at least 30meters under the water, big granite boulders, perfectly white sandy beaches, and hardly anyone around. For the most part people go out there to dive becAuse the islands are uninhabited. Can easily say best experience so far! Great people, awesome staff, living on a boat out to sea was surreal, and one of the top ten diving sites in the world...what more could you ask for. At the end of our trip we all reluctantly deboArded and started making our next travel plans. The Aussie boys and I all booked tickets to Bangkok, they were visiting but i was just passing through on my way to Cambodia.

The bus trip to BK...
As soon as we deboArded the boat we all immediately felt AWFUL! We were used to the rocking of the boat, the motion of the ocean; as soon as we transitioned back to land we got throbbing headaches and in some instances felt like vomiting. Well to surpress this, we decided to get some beer for the bus ride. In the middle of the bus ride by the time everyone was asleep (it was a night bus) Duncan came running upstairs waking me laughing his ass off telling me that Leon threw up downstairs. Supposedly he was scrambling to the toilet and apparently didn't make it. He ended up projectile vomiting in the aisle splashing spew onto sleeping peoples feet. Then when the bus pulled off the road to clean up, Coops, one of the other guys got off the bus and threw up as well. We were all upstairs in a fit of laughter. I'm surprised no one from down stairs beat our asses. I sure as hell would have if someone threw up on me then laughed about it hahaha

Oh on another note...while out here I've seemed to have developed what I like to call jungle rot. It's a rash on my shoulder blade about as big as a quarter. After visiting bangkok's pristine hospital (that is not sarcasm, their hospitals make ours look like third class establishments), I'll be happy to report that it is clearing up. The dermatologist was a bit taken aback as how I could have developed it seeing how it's a fungus infection you get from animals or pets when I clearly have none out here. I told her that if she saw some of the backpacker digs she'd know that they're not exactly awarded for their cleanliness.

Until next time everybody.

Posted by BeccaB 04:01

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Your diving experience sounds super. Got your pics from Cambodia and shared with staff. Where are you now? Give a call. I love hearing your voice. luv u mom

by olgabau

Very Very Cool Becs. Guess I was a week behind but I've been sick :(. You diving in beautiful water and I'm here trying to get over this sickness crap. Seems fair :) Love Ya! Enjoy the Chinese New Year.

by WillM

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