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Happy New Year!!

Sorry that it's been so long from my last post. The haze of island life has taken me away from all connection to the real world transporting me into this alternate reality that is much better I must say.

So when I last wrote I was still on the island of Koh Tao. A lot has happened since then. One last thing to report on Koh Tao...I'm in love with a lady boy, well a couple to be honest hahahahahaha. So Thailand is a very open and accepting culture and therefore the existence of "lady boys" is very prevalent. On my last night on the island a friend and I decided to catch the lady boy Cabaret Show. Previous to this show Angelo and I were discussing the Thai women out here and remarking about out how none of them have blown us away just yet. Well that ended when we went to the Cabaret show. The both of us and another friend of ours, Teresa, were transfixed by these men ::cough:: I mean ladies up on the stage with their extravagant costumes breaking it down just as good as Beyonce herself. We all were skeptics and by the end of the act decided that we were definitely attracted to a couple of them and that there was no way they could have been men, enough said! ;)

Angelo and I with our newly recruited companions Tez and Ryan were off to Koh Phangan to ring in the New Year. The journey consisted with a rather choppy ride on a large Catamaran. People were dropping like flies to sea sickness. Thankfully we were the last few to hang on til we got back on land. The search for accommodation was tedious because in three days time there was to be the largest New Years Eve party any of us has ever seen (30k to 50k people expected). Angelo and I settled into this bungalow/shack that barely had enough room for a double bed. After trying it a night before, I refused to sleep in the same bed with him because he does some crazy shit in his sleep (kick, talk, thrash about, etc.) so we took turns sharing the bed while the other one slept on the porch in the hammock. I can't say I minded the hammock, in fact I preferred it to the dingy digs inside our bungalow. Being lulled to sleep by waves crashing on the beach while being able to see the night sky isn't a bad way to go out I'd say. The rest of our time on Koh Phangan consisted of beach hopping, resting up, and getting our outfits ready for this mega new years bash. Koh Phangan is famous for their full moon beach parties and that’s exactly what NYE was going to be, just bigger! This meant we were on the prowl for the typical neon colored outfits and fluorescent paint that everyone else would be wearing. With our bodies painted up, neon shorts and tanks on, ten of us set out to head to Haad Rin Beach. After travelling maybe about a mile in the taxi, it was clear we were never going to make it to the party. The traffic was bumper to bumper, no vehicles were getting through. It was about 11:15 when everyone starting to get frantic about midnight quickly approaching. This is about the time that everyone decided to climb out the taxi and start running to the beach. This would have been no problem because Haad Rin was probably only about 3 or 4 miles away at the most and with all of us filling a little boozed up, our adrenaline would have gotten us there no problem. HOWEVER...the road to Haad Rin is comprised of hills that would make San Francisco’s steepest streets look like child’s play. With my heart pumping through my chest and about half a mile left to go, finally a taxi (just fyi whenever I say taxi don’t picture yellow cabs, picture pickup trucks with metal canopies and benches welded to the bed for people to sit on) pulled up just slow enough for us to jump on the back of to take us the rest of the way. We had finally made it, and boy was it worth it!!!!! The beach was covered in djs playing anything from hip-hop to progressive tech. We spent the rest of 2010 dancing to techno beats while drinking out of buckets filled with the kind of whiskey or vodka that would ensure a solid headache the next morning. Angelo and I stumbled back around 2am or 3am which I was slightly disappointed by; we didn't pace ourselves very well. The Aussies we went with trickled in from 9am to 12 noon the following day, I was envious to say the least. All in all it was an epic NYE, one I'd like to recreate one of these years.

Our days on Koh Phangan were coming to an end and everyone had to say goodbye because we were all off on our separate ways. Tez and Ryan who we had been travelling with for the past two weeks were off to Malaysia and Angelo was off to Sydney to start his new life, which left me like a leaf blowing in the wind. I decided to take a trip to Myanmar aka Burma to renew my Thai Visa. That was an adventure all in itself which I did not enjoy, but at least I did it with a couple of other Spaniards so we were able to share in the hassle of the Burmese boarding crossing. Afterwards my plan was to head to Khao Lak, where I am writing from now, a beach side town known for its live aboard SCUBA diving trips to the nearby Similan Islands. I set up this live aboard trip where I'll be travelling to the Similan Islands and living aboard this vessel for 4days and 4 nights, diving until I grow fins. Going to be another epic experience that I'll make sure to report on once I'm done (I depart on the 10th). So tomorrow I head out of this one horse town, moving on to greener pastures. Koh Phi Phi (pronounced pee pee) is next on the list. For those of you who saw the film The Beach whi Leonardo DiCaprio, this is the island where that film was filmed. The impression I get by word of traveler’s mouth is that its the most picturesque island and beach in Thailand; the only downfall being the hoards of people flocking to grab a glimpse of paradise. Nevertheless, by this time tomorrow hopefully I'll be there sipping a Chang on my beachside bungalow.

As always; with lots of love,

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You lucky little gal. I want to see that beach so bad! Take lots of photos for me! Scuba diving in clear tropical waters- tranquility to say the least! Sorry missed your calls last few times- really bummed I haven't gotten to speak to you in a couple weeks. Have fun sister- can't wait to hear about your scuba diving adventures.


by lbautist

So amazing to read! I find myself wishing I won the lottery and could hop on a plane and join you. Live it up chica!

by KinlikeDin

Everything sounds so great! I hope you are having an AH-mazing time and i am so jealous!! miss you bobby!! x x

by kaycez24

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